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    Godaddy Launched 4Th Generation Webhosting

    by Harsh Agrawal

    in Godaddy


    Godaddy which is one of the largest domain registrar and some how not so famous with their hosting launched 4th generation hosting and claiming it to be better than it’s rivalry Hostgator hosting.

    Though Godaddy webhosting always failed to amuse me but the sales pitch of Godaddy 4G webhosting is quite tempting and deserves a post.

    According to Godaddy 4th generation sales page it’s better than any other hosting in following manner:

    Dynamic Server management:

    With the Godaddy multi-service environment and real time performance management your site will grow dynamically.

    Dynamic traffic management:

    This is something which will tempt those who occasionally get traffic spikes. Load balancing and auto adjusting bandwidth feature will ensure that your site will never go down.

    Enhanced security:

    In the past Godaddy was big time target of Hackers and many WordPress blog which was hosted on Godaddy was hacked. Godaddy claims that with new technology they have hardened their security and those who are paranoid about their blog and site security can rest peacefully and leave all security measures to them.

    Along with above features, to target more customers, Godaddy are offering following three premium features for free, for those who sign up with their unlimited hosting plan.

    • Premium DNS
    • SSL Certificate
    • Website protection site scanner

    Godaddy 4G pricing:

    Godaddy is offering their 4th generation Hosting at very competitive price:

    godaddy4gratechart thumb Godaddy Launched 4Th Generation Webhosting Being one of the reputed brand, I think it’s going to give a stiff competition to other shared hosting companies.

    Check out Godaddy 4G hosting

    If you have used Godaddy 4G hosting, do let us know your review and opinion for the same.

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    { 7 comments… read them below or add one }

    1 Rakesh Kumar

    Go daddy is best of best. I love to hear this news and thinking to host my site over there. Thanks.


    2 Wordpress Webhosting discount

    Thanks for your feedback Rakesh.


    3 Min Ku Joo

    Godaddy’s service is decent. price is low and what they promise with 4g is great.

    however today my FTP would not connect.
    Constant error and I didn’t receive an e-mail notifying me that a problem occurred.

    This is the first time I purchased hosting from godaddy. I purchased it for a month to see if they deliver what they promised.


    4 Paris

    I’m currently using justhost, but my contract is ending soon. I’m thinking about giving godaddy 4gh a try.


    5 Boris Badenov

    I had the basic Godaddy hosting and then I took the plunge and switched to their 4G hosting (hey, it was free, why not?). All I can say is now my FTP is spotty and my main IDE (Coda) sometimes will take a while before uploading a file or it might not do it at all. When that happens, it took the entire coded page and destroyed it. The support staff of Godaddy have blamed by computer (although this happens on different ones), my connection (although I have the same results in the office or at home or at a wi-fi spot), my IDE program (although I have used different ones). To me, there is only one single causality; Godaddy and their new 4G service but they cannot or will not admit it.

    Never been a big fan of Godaddy and I think that this is the point where we part company


    6 john e moses

    we are using this service lase 2 months and so far we didn’t face any problem and server response time is very good


    7 Tex Durham

    I have most of my domains with Godaddy and I have recently switched a few of my sites to them for hosting purposes to give it a try. They have had a bad reputation in the past but for these prices (which are even lower than the pic on this page) i think it is worth a shot.


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