How to Transfer Domain from One Godaddy to Another Godaddy Account

Godaddy is one of the most popular domain registrar and despite of being in news for all wrong means, Godaddy is still one of the most popular choice. Domain selling and buying is one of the best online business. When you sell a domain bought from Godaddy, instead of taking the long route of giving domain secret to another party, you can simply transfer (Push) the domain to another Godaddy account. All you need to do is, ask the buyer to create a Godaddy account and you can push the domain to buyer account. In this guide, I will be sharing how you can do it yourself without much technical knowledge.

Guide to Move Godaddy Domain to Another account:

To get started with moving Godaddy domain to another account, you need following details from buyer:

  • His Godaddy login
  • Registered Email address

Once you have it, follow this guide and transfer the domain in no time:

  • Login to your Godaddy account
  • Go to Domain Management
  • Select the domain which you wish to transfer
  • Click on Account Change (Follow screenshot)

Godaddy Domain transfer

It will bring a Pop-up where you need to enter the another Godaddy account holder login ID and registered Email address. Make sure to click on Keep the current nameservers for this domain, else Godaddy will change the DNS to point to Godaddy server and if your site is hosted on any 3rd party server, it will start showing error. Enter the details and click on next:

Buyer Godaddy Account details

Since you are not using the domain anymore, I recommend you to select second options which says ” Use details from specified Customer account” as it will update the Domain registration information using new domain holder details.

Now, on the next page it will give you simple TOS which you need to approve and click on next. Follow this step two times and it will save and update the changes. Now, if you will update your domain manager page, it will show domain status as ‘ Changing account” and in some time, your domain will be transferred to new user. You can also refer to this official help guide for more information.

Personally, I find this feature very useful for people who are into the business of buying and selling domains and Websites. Though, even in normal scenario this tutorial is useful, when you are buying domain for your friends or family. You can always buy domain from Godaddy and push the domain to your friend and family account as gift.

You will also get an Email confirmation for the same and in case if you wish to revert back the domain transfer, you need to drop an Email to Don’t forget to check out my earlier guide on How to increase domain name security.

I have earlier shared few more tutorials and guides for Godaddy users and you can check them out below:

I hope this quick tutorial will help you to transfer domain to another Godaddy account and if you are still stuck or have any query, feel free to ask.

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