Media Temple Review : WebHosting With Minimum Downtime

Over the years, blogging has become the choice of millions when it comes to profession. Making a shift from writing for others, lot many people tend to start their own blogs. Not only bloggers, there are many who have opened websites for portfolios, business, E-commerce and much more. I too own few blogs and trust me each step in the endeavor asks for extra caution. When it comes to choosing a hosting for your website, you definitely can’t afford to take any sort of risk. The future of any website depends mainly on hosting which directly effects the web presence. If chosen wisely, it can help your target customers find your website easily or else you will be left with no other option than to regret your decision.

media temple review

In today’s web world, you need reliable web hosting to make effective web presence. Without further delay, let me directly come to the point. I am here to introduce you all to one of the best website hosting service providers that I have been using for quite some time.

Media Temple, a web hosting and cloud services provider offers hosting for websites and applications along with virtual servers, Grid server email and other Internet content. If you are planning to register with Media Temple and wish to read further then here’s the useful hands on Media temple review, I can provide you with.

I have used Media temple for longer period after trying some shared hosting like Dreamhost and hostgator. When my site traffic went up, I had no choice but to look for a hosting company which offers more than shared hosting and at a reasonable price. Of all the suggestions, which I got for VPS and virtual dedicated hosting, Media temple and Knownhost come out as winner.

About Media Temple : Review

The company was founded in 1998 by Demian Sellfors. Today, it has the  infrastructure that serves approximately 100,000 customers and more than one million websites. Meeting the tough competition from its peer group, Media Temple is indeed the best web hosting service that offers hosting for even the simplest WordPress blog or any portfolio site. The hosting services it provides are reliable and quite user-friendly

No matter when you wish to buy the hosting, Media Temple is always there. One can get customer support anytime either by phone, Twitter or Skype. Along with this, there is no constraint regarding the language. If you are not well versed with English, you can chose from Armenian, Korean, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, and Swedish as your desired language.

Key Features of Media Temple Hosting

Media temple downtime =0 : Available 24/7/365

This is one feature on which MT boast about. Unlike many other hosting companies, MT offers 100% up-time. Yes, this means the Media Temple hosting service is available at any time of the day.

Affordability: Not exactly!

One can say, Media Temple does justice to the money spared out in using the services. Affordability doesn’t always mean cheap website hosting. While on the journey to make Internet as a tool for online income, one can definitely make proper investment to get the quality services that will add to the overall experience. Media Temple hosting services start from $20 per month and goes up to approximately around $2500 per month. It clearly gives the idea that Media Temple has lots of options available when it comes to web hosting services.

Top tier data centers

Media Temple data centers provide some of the highest level design and engineering features that enhance uptime, security, cooling and power redundancy standards.

Innovative technology

Media Temple over the years has grown a lot in terms of services it offers and user-friendly features. It is the very first company  authorized to host iASP for Linux, Macromedia’s FlashCommunication Server, Zend’s PHP Performance solutions, Six Apart’s MovableType blogging software. Besides this, it has recently come up with the world’s most powerful, affordable utility   computing hosting platform known by the name ‘The Grid‘.

All in all Media Temple offers excellent 24/7 phone and online technology support, fast speed, amazing technology, great uptime records, accessibility and other helpful services. Instead of adding all the technology used by MT in this media temple review, I suggest to look at this page, where you will get more information about their technology.

Media Temple Plans

(gs) MT Grid-Service plan

The charges for this plan is $20/month that offers 100GB storage and 1TB network transfer. You can also host up to 100 Domains and create more than 1000 email accounts. Grid service plan is ideal for newbies bloggers, new business startups, web developers and designers.

(dv) Dedicated-Virtual

Starting from just $50/month plan to $1500/month is ideal for small businesses and resellers. All options in this plan offers common features like 64-Bit Operating System, 140+ installable apps, premium hardware. money back guarantee and much more.

(ve) Server

The charges for this plan is $30/month that offers some great features like instant provisioning, full root access, different Linux install options, realtime server status, instant reboot, premium hardware and connectivity. This plan is ideal for Devs, Admins, Linux geeks, Root Access enthusiasts.

(dpv) Nitro

This plan offers two plans : $2000/month and $2500/month. Both these plans have great power-packed features such as 16-core processing, ultimate speed with SAS storage, free power panel and choice of OS portability.

If you opt for hosting service and fail to understand as to which plan is right for you, the customer service representatives are sure to help you decide!

Media temple pros and cons:

To buy or not to buy hosting from media temple, totally depends upon your requirement. If you have no budget issue and need a reliable hosting with 0 downtime, you should opt for MT. Here I’m sharing some of the pros and cons and then I will conclude this media temple review.

Media Temple : The Good Side

  • Media Temple is one of the most trusted Web-hosting by world’s leading company : Sony, Toyota, Warner Bros and others.
  • Provides unusual transparency that makes it reliable.
  • Minimal; almost negligible chances of downtime.
  • Anytime customer support along with comprehensive Media Temple wiki that comprises of the resolution to many problems users might be facing.
  • If you have an IT guy managing your MT server, it’s GUI panel will help you to perform quick tasks like Reboot, rebuild and repair. Also, their custom hosting management panel will let you manage your Media temple login and account directly from iPhone.
  • If you planning to start a reseller hosting with media temple, you can use their Plesk panel to configure separate account for your clients.

Media Temple : The Bad Side

  • Media Temple doesn’t provide the users with the chat support that persuades users to communicate through mail and the average time of response is minimum 2-3 hours.
  • This might sound contradictory but the fact remains that there are lot many web hosting service providers that prick less holes in your pockets than Media Temple as its plans and packages are bit pricey.
Though it’s basically quality of service and peace of mind, that is what we get with MT servers.

Should you buy Media temple or not?

Now, I would finally conclude this Media temple review by saying, it’s a webhosting company that you can count upon. They are not one of those cheap Webhosting companies, which oversale their servers and their advanced technology will take care of your server load. Specially, when it comes to WordPress hosting, media temple will give you peace of mind and you will not face issues like Intenal server error, server could’nt be found. Here is a starter guide to install WordPress on media temple Webhosting.

Media temple site migration

Of all the plans, DV and shared hosting package from MT are cheap and reliable. The starter dedicated virtual hosting server ($50/month) is cheaper than what many other web-hosting offers at the same config. MT is for IT people, who can configure and manager their own servers. For others, who are looking for a managed hosting, I would suggest look into Knownhost. If you are looking for a closest media temple alternative, I suggest to look into Linode.

Also, if you are stuck into migrating your site from any hosting to Media temple servers, you can take help of their site migration service, which will migrate any site for nominal charge of $150/site. To conclude, one needs to take extra caution before finally deciding which hosting service to opt for. If the above article has persuaded you to chose it as your web hosting service provider,

Visit http://media for more information

Having moved to the Media Temple, testing it for sometime and noticing the change that has given the boost up to my websites, no matter how pricey some of users might find it, personally I think I have made the right choice. MediaTemple is one of the best companies that offers best web hosting services with all the customer care support.

About the Author: Harsh Agrawal

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  • (mt) Sara June 22, 2012, 4:01 am

    Wow, thanks for such a glowing review! I’m so happy to hear that we’ve made a great impression on you and that you’re so satisfied with the service. :) I do have a couple of things to clear up that you mentioned, so here we go!

    “Unlike many other hosting companies, MT offers 100% up-time.”

    As much as we would LOVE to be able to promise 100% up time, this is unfortunately not true. We aim for 99.999% uptime, but we do not actually provide a SLA (Service Level Agreement) of any sort.

    “Media Temple doesn’t provide the users with the chat support that persuades users to communicate through mail and the average time of response is minimum 2-3 hours.”

    We do actually have support chat from 6am-9pm pacific time. While the support request system can take a couple to few hours, there are 3 other support channels that are available 24/7 for immediate help. They are the phone lines, Skype call, and Twitter.

    Thanks again for the review and let us know if you have any questions!

  • Daniel February 27, 2013, 9:28 pm

    I have read a lot about (mt)’s grid-service’s SQL latency for sites running on Wordpress, etc … Is this a real serious issue?


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