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    Pros and Cons of Shared Web Hosting

    by Harsh Agrawal

    in Shared Hosting


    Shared web hosting is one of the most popular web hosting server. But it is better to select the web hosting server according to your needs and requirements. Before choosing any kind of Web hosting server it is important that you must be aware all positive and negative aspects of web hosting servers.

    No doubt that Shared web hosting is very popular but it too has few advantages and disadvantages. Here is the list of advantages and disadvantages of Shared web hosting, which you must consider while planning to have one.

    sharedwebhosting300x225 Pros and Cons of Shared Web Hosting

    3 Pros of Shared Web hosting

    Easy and Fast Setup:

    Shared web hosting is easy to setup, whereas dedicated hosting needs time to setup and do need lots of technical knowledge. Shared web hosting is generally gets setup in almost in 24 hours from the time of purchase.

    Low Price:

    As shared web hosting is shared between lots of websites so the price of shared web hosting is very low as compared with other web hosting servers. There is also no maintenance cost for it, all is included in purchase price so you don’t need to worry about maintenance and don’t even have to pay for it.

    Best option for small websites:

    Shared web hosting is shared between lots of other websites thus all the resources are also shared between those websites. Small websites or new websites don’t have many resources that are why shared web hosting is good choice for them.

    3 Cons of Shared web hosting

    Not worth for big websites:

    As shared web hosting provides limited resources, there might be problem with websites having affiliates or huge resources. Even if one website crash, it might impact other websites also. Thus, if you have a website with more resources than it its better that you must go for dedicated server.

    Dynamic IP:

    Many web hosting companies don’t provide static IP for your website, thus it might create a problem when you need a static IP for your E-commerce website. You can get dynamic IP from few companies but you need to pay them extra for same.


    Security can be another factor which adds to Shared web hosting disadvantages. As shared web hosting have many websites on same server the chances of hacking increases. And because of thousands of websites, maintenance and security can be at risk.

    I hope now you will find easy to decide that Shared Web hosting is good for your website or not. Don’t forget to share your views about Shared web hosting.

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    { 7 comments… read them below or add one }

    1 Sarv007 | GoogleTVFreak

    I am using Host-gator baby plan and it just works fine. In shared web hosting do we have to share the speed also? like if a website on server gets 10k hits incidentally in one day , will other site in my account suffer?


    2 Wordpress Webhosting discount

    @Sarv 007 Yes that’s true.. If you website get lots of hits other sites hosted on the same hosting will suffer too.


    3 Bilal Bhatti

    If you are on hostgator, you need not to worry about that. Their servers are the most stable among other shared web-hosting companies available.

    Twitter: @BilalBhatti


    4 Wordpress Webhosting discount

    Thanks Bilal for your comment and I’m currently hosted on Hostgator and no doubt they are one of the best..


    5 Rakesh Narang

    Which type of hosting is good for a normal technology blog, i am using freedom plan from wpwebhost.


    6 Wordpress Webhosting discount

    Freedom plan is good to start…at the same time other hosting which I would suggest for started: You can find here:


    7 Ishan Verma

    Any cheap hosting in which payment can be done by using the NET BANKING from India. I dunt have credit card . Please help !


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