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Hello there,

Welcome to the Media-Kit page of WordPress hosting blog.

If you have already read About Me on our Introduction page, you must be aware of our mission and story behind this blog.

If not, I suggest you read it out before you see all demographic and advertising options. For newcomers, let me introduce myself again.

The Ideology And Our Audience

I’m Harsh Agrawal, a professional blogger, who started his journey in 2008.

This blog is part of the professional blogging company ShoutDreams and is a thriving community of users from the WordPress hosting industry.

This blog was created to help and educate users about web hosting, and soon it became a community of users who love to learn and share about WordPress hosting and domain market.

We are a team of three, who manage this blog. The articles that you see on the blog are usually written by the members of the WordPress hosting community or me.

The WordPress hosting blog’s mission is to help users pick the right WordPress hosting company, get news from existing WordPress hosting companies and discuss various aspects of WordPress hosting.

Our Demographic And Partnership Options

We are partners with the world’s best WordPress hosting companies like Bluehost, SiteGround and domain companies like NameCheap, and help them increase their online visibility and amplify their reach.

We have a thriving community of users who love to talk and share about WordPress hosting and other stuff related to domain industry. The majority of our traffic is directed from Google Search.

Here are the advertising options:

Your Company’s Big News – Sponsored Posts

If your hosting or domain company has given birth to a ground-breaking technology or added a new feature which is worth an article or a shout, you can take advantage of our sponsored stories.

If you want to educate users about your domain business or hosting features, or about your hosting affiliate program, you can take advantage of sponsored postsIf your news is worth sharing, ours is the best medium to do so. 

Pricing: I strongly believe in “one price doesn’t fit all”. Therefore, prices differ. Every company has different needs and requirements, and that is why the prices are different for every requirement. We usually send a custom quote based on your requirements.

Sponsored Giveaway

If you are looking to create brand-awareness or get more social media following, we can run a Giveaway on our blog. The pricing starts at $350 for a single giveaway. Giveaways run for 5 consecutive days. This is a great way to create a social media buzz for your brand and also get targeted users. You can use the contact form below to discuss more about it.


We do feature hosting companies under our sponsored posts category to share the information about your packages, plans and other big news. But, if you looking for extensive reviews like we do for other hosting and domain companies, you can connect with us. Our hosting reviews are intensive, and we test out the product before writing or sharing reviews.

Display Ads

We have a few strategically placed ad spots for advertisers to run display media ads. Your ads will be displayed on all the pages in front of targeted users. Our majority of traffic is from the US, UK, and India. At present, I don’t offer geo-targeted ads, and your ads will be displayed in all the countries around the globe.

We offer a fixed monthly rate for different ad spots, and you can connect with me via the contact form for the availability of ad spots. Do mention the ad spot you are interested in and for how long you are planning to run advertisements.











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