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WordPress hosting niche is fast-growing industry and I believe everyone who is on WordPress platform, have a story and experience to share. You can become a part of our Shouters hosting community by sharing your hosting journey, or tips. This guest post submission is only for WordPress hosting users or WordPress hosting dev. community. You can share anything from hosting reviews (Ex: Hostgator review), Using any hosting cPanel (Ex:  Adding add-on domain on Bluehost ), or advanced topic like (Ex: Nginx vs Apache for WordPress hosting). Along with this, we also cover news from Domain industry, and you are free to write about the same.  Hosting companies and PR agencies can’t participate in this program, but you can take advantage of news submission program.

Before you start, I suggest you to check out our recent posts to decide which topic you are going to submit. To ensure the quality of our blog, I have set down some of the standards for submitting a guest post. I suggest you to read it carefully, so that your submission can go live soon.

Guidelines for Submitting Guest article:

This is a niche blog and I cover only two major industry: Domain business and WordPress hosting industry. The reason I have domain as a part of this blog because, WordPress hosting is useless without a domain. Is int it?

  • Your article should be personal and should have a purpose of educating users with your knowledge. Do remember, at a given time only one person will be reading your post, so use “You” tone in your submission. ( Note: Read how I’m using You tone through out this page).
  • I allow submission via WordPress dashboard, and all you need to do is register yourself and submit your guest post.
  • Your Article should be original and in English. We have set down a minimum of 600 Words requirement ( Depending upon topic), to ensure guest post covers all the aspect of post topic.
  • Add images with your post to make the article more appealing.
  • You are free to submit and share your WordPress hosting journey, hosting reviews but I don’t allow self-promotion of any kind or submitting article to just for SEO stuff.
  • Rest, remember to write for users and submit something creative and original.

You can always drop an Email ([email protected]) before writing to discus the post topic, this will ensure faster approval. In case you are aware of general blogging standard, you can sign-up using below link and submit your guest post. Feel free to get in touch or tweet me @denharsh for any query.

Register and Submit your guest post


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