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Best Webhosting for WordPressBuying a Perfect Web host is a tough task and specially when Internet is full of so uncountable Web hosting companies, picking one is not an easy task. When I started my online Journey, finding best webhosting was quite a task. Different people gave me different hosting options and I understand, they were right. Every hosting have their pros and cons and some time you might hear good and some time bad reviews about certain hosting.

Here, I will be sharing some of the top and best webhosting for hosting WordPress sites, which I have found from my 3 year of Blogging experience. I keep getting hosting account for reviews, and we try and see how good and bad experience it can give. Based, on all my experience in terms of usage, customer support,  I have put up a list of Web hosting services, which you can consider buying.

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When I shop for a hosting company, I check for their specialization in hosting WordPress sites. I will be listing down those Web hosting companies, who have very good reputation of hosting self hosted WordPress blogs. At the time of writing, I’m using 3 Hostgator account, 1 Bluehost account and 1 Knownhost account. In the past, I have used Linode and Knownhost too.  I’m limiting this list to Shared hosting only, as they are perfect for any new WordPress blog. If you are looking for VPS Webhosts, I suggest you to look into Knownhost, Mediatemple and Linode.

Getting back to the list, most of these hosting comes with standard cPanel and only Dreamhost is the one in this list to offer custom cPanel.  You can use Fantastico to Install WordPress on any of these Webhost and here is a guide for Dreamhost installation.

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Now, if you are confused about which top hosting to select from the above list, you can refer to my earlier posts on:

Well certainly, we will keep updating the list as time will grow. For now, do let us know which is your recommended webhosting company?