Bluehost Offers Free CDN Using CloudFlare Integration

BlueHost is one of the top ranked Web-hosting companies and they have been adding value to their dashboard by integrating new services. In a recent update, BlueHost is partnered with CloudFlare to offer free CDN service to all BlueHost customers. This CDN service will be enabled for all existing and new customers for free of charge.

How  & Why to use BlueHost and CloudFlare integration?

CloudFlare is one of the most popular cloud based free CDN service which not only helps in speeding up your site but also helps in securing your site. For WordPress blogs, you can directly use CloudFlare service for free but with BlueHost and CloudFlare Integration in cPanel will make the whole process very easy for sites hosted on BlueHost.

CloudFlare offers free 14 datacenter for CDN and your site will be server really fast, as users will be fetching site from nearest data center, according to his browsing location. Along with this, CloudFlare stops spam bots to access your site and offer captcha challenge when your website is accessed by any spam I.P or crawlers. This will also help in reducing load on server and save your site resources.

If you are new to CloudFlare and not sure if you should use it or not, here is an image below explaining what happens when you integrate CloudFlare with your site. You can also see the introduction video to learn more about CloudFlare:

benefits of cloudflare

With Bluehost you will be getting a basic free plan of CloudFlare and if you wish, you can always upgrade to any pro plans which offers various features. Here are the features that you will be getting with free CloudFlare account on BlueHost:

  • World wide CDN (Total 14 data center) : This will help in faster loading of your site, as your site will be served from nearest data servers to readers geo location.
  • Intelligent theft protection
  • Asynchronous Javascript Loading (Rocket Loader)
  • Daily Performance and security stats
  • 3 Page specific rules

You can easily setup CloudFlare on BlueHost from cPanel. You an find CloudFlare settings under Domains in your BlueHost cPanel.

See the screenshot for better understanding:

Bluehost Cloudflare integration
On the next page, you need to enter your Email address on left sidebar and click on activate. Within minute, you will be on CloudFlare account view page and you can activate service with few click:

Setup Cloudflare

Once you have activated the CloudFlare, you can click on Advanced to configure other settings like level of security, development mode on/off and caching level. You can also delete CloudFlare cache from this page by clicking on Purge cache under advanced option.

Here is the direct link to CloudFlare setting page on Blue host:

Make sure you are logged into your Bluehost account to access this page.

Specially if your site is occasionally targeted by hacker via DDOS or other common site hacking techniques, CloudFlare will be very helpful. Since their free option is great for a start site, I highly recommend to enable the service.

Go ahead and setup CloudFlare on your BlueHost account, and do let me know how is your site performing after free CDN integration? Don’t forget to subscribe to Email newsletter for more such updates.



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  1. So…… Blue host now offers a service that was already free, for free?

    Don’t get me wrong, Cloud Flare rules but anyone can implement it free, it’s a name server change… Done…

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