Things You Should Know About Domain Sniping

Online marketing is purely a technique, which few people have understood, and that is the reason, why they excel in high competition era.  When we want to implement any technique in our business or marketing strategy, it becomes important that we understand basic features of that technique, to avoid any backfiring associated with it.  Therefore, online marketing must be understood very carefully to make steady progress towards our goal.  Online marketing is a vast topic and its demonstration within few paragraphs is near to impossible.  However, we can proceed with a smaller part of it.

About six months back, I read one blog regarding a list of “The Costliest Domain reselling.”  That blog left my mouth wide open when I saw all the figures either in million or hundred of thousand dollars.  That blog was simply a list, so I didn’t get more information on how those domains suddenly get this expensive.  However, it ignited curiosity in my mind.

Out of my busy life and occupied the mind, after few days, I again recalled about that list and this time without wasting more time, I Google it for satisfying my information hungry mind.  It is then when I learned more about domain registration, domain reselling and domain sniping.  Though I got my answers, my findings were very surprising.  People spend lavishly on online advertising and therefore want to purchase domains, which are very resembling to their businesses.  Therefore, domain reselling and domain sniping became such a flourishing business now a day.  I am focusing on domain sniping here.

Before going for domain sniping, one must know certain facts about it, which will keep you away from putting a wrong foot in domain sniping.  So, what are those things which you should know about domain sniping?  Let’s see.

What is domain sniping?

Let’s see what happens.  

Domain names are purchased for a certain period from domain registrars.  When this domain name approaches expiry, domain registrars services remind owners for renewal of their domains.  When this renewal is not carried out in time, domain goes into a semi-dormant phase, where it remains on standby.

When this standby phase is over, your old domain can be purchased by any other individual from your domain registrar.  You will laugh if I say; but many businesses wait for a long time for sniping domain name of their choice.  But that’s a fact, and now they have the assistance of domain sniping software, which gives them a fair idea and analysis of their long waited domain name.  Domain sniping is also called domain drop catching.

Factors to keep in mind for domain sniping

  • Traffic for domain – Before sniping chosen domain, you should learn about the traffic stats for the domain.  This will give you a clear picture of that domain’s usability for your business.  When you are looking for a domain which was earlier owned by any other business, they must have specific visitors to their website.  Any domain with a high number of visitors is better if you are considering domain sniping.
  • Page Rank of the domain – When you are looking for domain sniping, it’s better to check its Page Rank when the domain was active earlier.  This will give you a good idea about the performance of the page.  It is therefore recommended that always chose a domain with better Page Rank for domain sniping.
  • Other important metrics – Other important metrics consists of various elements.  These metrics are in terms of the demography of the visitors, associated keywords, the location of visitors, details of back-linking etc.  Each of these indices is very important, which will help you to know the domain in much better way before you go for sniping.
  • Page Authority – It is the capability of a single page which indicates the strength of the page for ranking.   It is better to examine page authority of each page of the domain you are looking for, which will ease your work later for search engine optimization of the page.  Better the page authority, brighter the chances of your website performance.  So, go for domain having pages with better page authority.
  • Domain AuthorityDomain authority signifies the strength of domain and sub-domains for ranking.  You need to check domain authority of the domain, which you intend to snipe.

 How to approach for domain sniping?

Due to the domain sniping of popular domain names, this business has become very competitive and for individuals, it is very difficult to compete with Drop Catch services, which employ their servers to protect popular domain names once those are available.  Therefore, it is recommended to for individuals to find a reliable and efficient Drop Catch Service provider.

 So if you are planning to enter into domain sniping business, hopefully, all the above points of domain sniping will be helpful to you.



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  1. Great article of domain sniping . the way you explain each and every thing I love it. Can you please provide the standby time of domain snipping

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