GoDaddy vs. Namecheap: Which Domain Registrar is Better?

Go Daddy Vs Namecheap

When it comes to booking a domain name, we have plenty of options.

Two names that are currently very popular for booking domains are Namecheap and GoDaddy.

(Soon, we will see Google Domains as the new big name domain registrar, but that is a story for another day.)

Today, I will be discussing and giving my viewpoint on GoDaddy vs. Namecheap; I will also give you my verdict on which is a better place to register a new domain name.

Namecheap or GoDaddy: Which is the best place to book a domain name?

I have been a customer of both of these domain registrars, and both of them have their pros and cons.

Let’s look at some of these pros and cons of so that you can create your own opinion on where to buy your new domain names.

Domain Pricing
Starts from $0.99 First time and $14+ renewal
Ease of Registration
Straight Forward
Newbie Friendly
Recurring Payment
Domain Registration Coupons
Always Available
Customer Support
Live Chat/Email
Live Chat/Email/Phone
Domain Privacy
What Next?
Visit Namecheap
Visit Godaddy

Domain Prices

One of the major factors I always consider when booking a domain name is the price.

GoDaddy is my first preference when it comes to price, as there are many GoDaddy coupon codes available which will let you grab your first domain from GoDaddy for only $1.99.

Namecheap runs occasional social media contests to unlock a “special domain price offer” and is useful when you are not in urgent need of buying a domain name.

Usually, you will get a domain name for $10.29 from Namecheap, where you can grab your first .com domain from GoDaddy for less than $5 with any available coupon.

Ease of Registration

Godaddy Domain registrar

One of the biggest cons of GoDaddy is the domain registration process.

Unlike other domain registrars (like Namecheap), GoDaddy tries to sell you many extra offers like other domain extensions and hosting. This can be irritating.

For novice users, this upsell process makes it costlier, as most beginners end up buying extra stuff which they might not use or need.

With Namecheap, buying a domain is very easy, and even with zero technical skills, you can quickly purchase a domain name without any hassle.

If you are a technical person and well-versed with how the domain and hosting businesses work, you will have no problems with GoDaddy. If you are an internet newbie, Namecheap will give you peace of mind with its simplicity.


Similarly, GoDaddy’s interface is overwhelming, whereas Namecheap’s interface is simple as you can see in the screenshot above.

Since GoDaddy is more than just a domain registrar, you will find many options like web hosting, email hosting, and so on.

If you need more than a domain name (e.g. website builder, email hosting, etc.), GoDaddy is indeed a better option. But if you just wish to book a couple of domain names and nothing else, Namecheap is much simpler.

Namecheap or GoDaddy: My verdict

Both domain registrars come with their own shares of good and bad.

GoDaddy is a clear winner when it comes to the price war because you can buy domains at a very low price. This is useful when you have to buy domains in bulk as your savings will be quite good. Similarly, you can always get some discounts on domain renewals.

The downside of GoDaddy is the lengthy upsell, where they will try to sell you many add-ons at every stage, and you have to be careful when booking a domain name to not purchase any of these extra services.

Namecheap, on the other hand, has a simple dashboard and interface which is easy to understand and use.

Overall, despite the overwhelming interface, I vote for GoDaddy as my preferred domain registrar because of its pricing and experience in the domain industry.  (Also if I need the add-ons, it’s a good place to get them.)

If you are booking a domain for the first time, it’s up to you which interface you want to get familiar with.

If you have any questions regarding GoDaddy vs. Namecheap as the better domain registrar, let me know via the comments.

Also, if you are an experienced customer of Namecheap or GoDaddy, share your reviews and comparisons with me in the comments below.

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4 thoughts on “GoDaddy vs. Namecheap: Which Domain Registrar is Better?”

  1. True,

    If it is about domain buying, Godaddy is clear winner and even I would recommend nothing but them. You can even go for hosting with them if you are new to website world as they offer pretty good plans for beginners.

  2. Hi Harsh, Great Post,

    I have purchased my domain from namecheap. I did my share of research before choosing a domain name registrar.

    My preference has always been simplicity over price, so that’s one way of saying that I like namecheap.

    Harsh I want to know:

    1.) How can I become an affiliate with namecheap?
    2.) Can I become an affiliate of namecheap as well as godaddy?
    3.) Do I need to be aware of godaddy services as well before promoting them?


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