How To Setup Custom Domain on Blogger using Domain From GoDaddy

We all know custom domain name helps in better blog branding. Moreover, when ever you migrate BlogSpot to WordPress, you preserve your brand name, and your domain name stays the same. So even if you are blogging on BlogSpot blog, the first step which you need to do is grab the custom domain name for your blog.

In simple word, when you start with a free BlogSpot blog, you get a domain name like

When you set up a custom domain on BlogSpot, your blog URL will be like

Now in this tutorial, I will be helping you with how to set up a custom domain name with domain bought from GoDaddy. GoDaddy is one of the biggest domain company, and it’s trustworthy company to buy domains.

Grab domain from GoDaddy

If you are not sure, which domain you should buy, here are few tutorials which will help you to find the best domain name for your blog:

So by now, I assume you have bought your domain from GoDaddy and now let’s start with the set up of a custom domain.

How to Add a Custom Domain in Blogger:

So far we have successfully added the A record and CNAME record to set up the domain to point to Google server. Now all we need to do is log in to and add this domain as a custom domain on Blogger. Here is another step by step guide for the same:

  • Login to
  • Click on setting in front of domain for which you planning to set up custom domain
  • Go to settings>publishing

Setup a 3rd party URL for your blogspot

On the next page, click on setup a 3rd party URL for your blog. Now add the domain name that you have purchased from GoDaddy.

BlogSpot Third party domain settings

Click on Save & this should give following error:

We have not been able to verify your authority to this domain. Error 12.

Now you need to add CNAME record on your GoDaddy account. Along with CNAME, you also need to add A record for your domain. This is pretty easy & let’s get done with this too.

Setting up Custom Domain Name on BlogSpot using GoDaddy

Login to your GoDaddy account and click on the domain name for which you wish to set up a custom domain with your BlogSpot blog.

Manage Domains on Godaddy

Now you will be on advanced domain set up page. Click on DNS zone file (Refer to screenshot).

How to edit Domain DNS record on Godaddy

Adding A record on GoDaddy domains:

Add A record on Godaddy

Now to start with we will add A record. Click 4 times on Quick add and following records:

  • @
  • @
  • @
  • @

See the screenshot for reference:

Godaddy domain zone file

Once done, click on Save Zone file on the top left. Within seconds you will get the confirmation message that your zone file has been updated.

Before we move ahead, delete the default A record. In this case, it’s the one with the value:

Adding CNAME record:

So far we have done adding A record, and now we have to add CNAME record. In CNAME record, find www under Host entry and by default it’s entry will be @.

Something like this screenshot:

Add Cname Record Godaddy BlogSpot

You need to add another CNAME record that says:

Adding CNAME record on Godaddy

Click on Finish & go back to BlogSpot settings & click on Save.

BlogSpot custom domain setup

Click on Edit one more time & redirect non www to www.

redirect domain to www in BlogSpot

That’s it! Now, your BlogSpot blog is configured with a custom domain name. Do let me know if you have any query setting this up for your blog.

Get domain from GoDaddy

If you have found this tutorial useful, do share it with your BlogSpot bloggers friend. They might thank you for this useful guide.



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3 thoughts on “How To Setup Custom Domain on Blogger using Domain From GoDaddy”

  1. Really appreciate it as I was not able to set up my another domain which is registered with Godaddy but hosted on blogger. After reading this article, I able to set up it within 10 Minutes.
    Thank you very much

  2. In case you see “DNS manager – not hosted here” message in your control panel, just change your existing nameservers to godaddy default nameservers(NS71.DOMAINCONTROL.COM,NS72.DOMAINCONTROL.COM in my case) for complete control of CNAME/MX etc records

  3. It’s much common these days to host wordpress blog on custom domain name, and the hosting the blogger on custom domain was much required.

    I have already tried configuring it earlier not with Godaddy but yes with other domain provider but there are many logical things which i missed that time, good post helped me to solve my existing problem. Thanks!

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