5 Reasons Why Free Webhosting Is not Recommended

I have always shared articles about paid web hosting and always prefer to provide discounts on good webhosting companies like Dreamhost and Hostgator etc.The main reason I avoid recommending Free webhosting services it that just to save few dollars you might take risk for your website. I agree that if you want to have many websites you can get it without any cost but there are many disadvantages of such free web hosting plans.


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Here are 5 reasons why I never recommend Free Web hosting to anyone:

No Ownership

The main drawback of having free web hosting service is that you don’t have power to control your own blog. The free host provider can change their services and policies frequently and then you might have to find new webhosting, getting transfer the content might be risky too. Thus, rather than taking a risk with free web hosting services it is better to go for paid web hosting services.

No Guarantee

There might be chances that your website face downtime and there is no guarantee that your free web hosting will try to get your website “up” soon because you are using a free service and not paying anything for maintenance thus they are not bond to maintain your websites and you can’t even complain for their slow customer service.

No Extra benefits

The benefits which you get with paid web hosting services, you won’t get with free web hosting. Many times you need to have sub-domains for your websites and which becomes easy to promote your business. But these kinds of facility you won’t get with free web hosting services. More over Free Webhosting have lots of limitations as limited diskspace, limited bandwidth and so on.

Advertisement from Free Hosting

Many Free Webhosting websites let you host your blogs or site for free with a condition of adding one link back to main hosting site or may be adding advertisements. Why would you want to add advertisement for free when you can grab any decent Webhosting for as low as 69$-120$.

Hosted along Spammy Sites

Most of the time free Webhosting are being used by Websites which are spammy or auto blogs. Specially adult sites or Website which work on RSS scrapping are part of free Hosting. Though Matt cutts reports confirmed that Shared hosting doesn’t Affect search engine ranking, but instead of swimming in the pond with dead fishes, it’s always good idea to be a part of system which has better sites hosted around.

If you want to be a professional blogger or want to start any online business website, I would recommend you to avoid selecting free web hosting service for your blog and go for a good paid web hosting service. You might like to check out Recommended Webhosting for WordPress.


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A blog scientist by mind and a passionate blogger by heart. Blogging on WordPress platform since 2008. Sharing his learning about WordPress hosting to help other bloggers & entrepreneurs make better decisions.

3 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Free Webhosting Is not Recommended”

  1. I agree but free hosting providers are not reliable ass well, they have much more downtime then paid providers.

  2. I think you should add point 6 which applies not only to Free hosting
    I have needed to use free hosting, so I know a lot of them
    In the offer they do not say the whole story which ends up with your site soon
    They do not tell you about CPU processor time and availability (Just found one which tells you it is only .2%
    Even when the server may have 32 GB memory, they do not tell you they will limit it to 64MB
    All offer free MySQL databases, at least one, but they do not tell you it is only 5 to 10MB which is nothing, even for text
    They offer unlimited bandwidth, but do not tell you the upload download speed,
    They do not tell you how many concurrent users you may have.
    So, there is a lot of limitations around what they offer.
    Just to get an idea in something which is not common to do but just gives you an idea.
    They offer unlimited space right?
    lets say 10GB transfer monthly right
    those 10 GB lets imagine they are equivalent to 10GB in files which is not
    this days you know fairly easy to fill a disk with 500GB
    so 500GB/10GB = 50 months = aprox 4 years
    Yes it will take more than 4 years to upload 500 GB to the unlimited space
    and, of course, that if you use those 10GB free only for yourself, because those 4 years you have no bandwidth for other users
    And how many offer 10GB monthly transfer? very few, all others from 1 to 5
    So there are a lot of restriccions and when they say Unlimited Space, Unlimited Transfer, is because they dont say the truth, they do not say speed, they do not say cpu usage, memory usage, concurrent users, 10 databases or unlimited, yes, but how much space in database?
    And to tell you the whole story, that happens too in paid services if you don’t ask which are the real limitations

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