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This account has been suspended

How many of your have faced or seen This account has been suspended message with your website or while surfing Internet. This problem usually occurs with shared hosting with limited bandwidth and storage. Oh! and not to forget for not making your hosting payment in time. It doesn’t matter what ever the reason is, if you are the site owner; you going to pay the price of your website downtime. Apart from angry readers, it will also affect your search engine ranking. Search engine like Google will start removing your indexed pages from Web-search and even if you put your website up in next 2-3 days, your over all ranking in search engine will go down. Here is a screenshot which you might see when your “Hosting account has been suspended”.

Many Webmasters who are new to Webhosting are unaware of limited bandwidth rules. Most of Webhosting companies offers limited bandwidth and when your website exceeds that much bandwidth, your site will start giving This account has been Suspended error. As a user, I have seen such warning messages on many Websites.

Best Webhosting Solution to This Account has been Suspended:

Account suspended message are usually unpleasant for blog admin and also for readers. One simple solution to this problem is go for hosting which offers unlimited. Though in true sense nothing is unlimited but most of hosting which offers unlimited webhosting are usually one which gives you huge resource which can be termed as unlimited Bandwidth hosting.

Think: Can anything in this universe be unlimited?

Getting back to the point, when users buy hosting, most of them ignore unlimited options to save their few $ and land with hosting which offers limited resources. For a new blog, such limited resources are good but in long run, when your blog grows, you will face issues with limited bandwidth, limited storage and of course underpowered servers.

My quick suggestion would be, go for hosting which offers unlimited resources so that you will never see This account has been suspended message.

Here are few shared hosting which offers unlimited resources:

Though in case if you still wish to stick with limited web-hosting, you should take timely backup of your Blog/Website.

Do let us know if you are on limited hosting or unlimited Web Hosting?


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  1. Now that is an error I never want to see. Right now I am using hostmonster, but I am definitely thinking about switching to MediaTemple as it seems like a faster solution.

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